July 15 – 18 – South Beach, Miami

Experience Yoga at South Beach with Jared McCann

Event Details

Learn from world acclaimed yoga instructor Jared McCann and expand your mind in the stunning South Beach.  These specially designed session will immerse all participants on a journey to understand their spiritual path and special gift to the world.

The retreat includes morning and evening meditations, and two classes a day taught by Jared McCann. The classes use classical hatha yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation to create balance, strength, and flexibility in the body/mind.  The breath becomes a meditation and is used to create space in the body from the inside out.  The specific sequence of postures maximizes consciousness along the spinal column to enhance awareness of the nervous system.  The body becomes strong like a diamond, organs become healthy, the mind becomes calm and steady, and the emotional systems come into balance, and with that, a sense of peace and joy begin to take permanent root.


Jarred McCan


Limited Space Available


Yoga instructor: Jared McCann

The daily South Beach yoga sessions include

  • Guided meditation sessions twice a day (dawn and dusk)
  • Meals including vegetarian options
  • FlyBoard classes
  • Free hotel transportation
  • Local city tour

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