July 15 – 18 – South Beach, Miami

Experience Yoga at South Beach with Jared McCann

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Learn from world acclaimed yoga instructor Jared McCann and expand your mind in the stunning South Beach.  These specially designed session will immerse all participants on a journey to understand their spiritual path and special gift to the world.

The retreat includes morning and evening meditations, and two classes a day taught by Jared McCann. The classes use classical hatha yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation to create balance, strength, and flexibility in the body/mind.  The breath becomes a meditation and is used to create space in the body from the inside out.  The specific sequence of postures maximizes consciousness along the spinal column to enhance awareness of the nervous system.  The body becomes strong like a diamond, organs become healthy, the mind becomes calm and steady, and the emotional systems come into balance, and with that, a sense of peace and joy begin to take permanent root.


Jarred McCan


Limited Space Available


Yoga instructor: Jared McCann

The daily South Beach yoga sessions include

  • Guided meditation sessions twice a day (dawn and dusk)
  • Meals including vegetarian options
  • FlyBoard classes
  • Free hotel transportation
  • Local city tour

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Sep 15-18 – South Beach, Miami

Experience Yoga at South Beach

Naya Rappaport

Naya discovered yoga over 15 years ago and specializes in Vinyasa. Whether you are interested in starting yoga or an advanced practitioner there is something to take away from each class. Naya keeps the traditional lineage while adding a modern twist of music and playfulness. She loves to break down advanced postures and make them accessible to every student. She’s a firm believer that yoga is for every “body”.  Get ready to take a step out of your comfort zone as she shares the weekend with you seeking growth, strength and mindfulness through a self-exploration practice.

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Enrich your yoga practice with one of the world’s best instructors in a private waterfront home overlooking beautiful South Beach. Connect with your fellow yogis from around the world while practising on the beach, enjoying some Stand-Up Paddleboarding, relaxing by the private pool and other activities.


Your weekend includes a three-night complementary stay in a stunning private home, access to various water-sports and fresh, healthy food prepared by your personal chef. Vegan options available.


Mouthwatering healthy meals that are integral to our yogi lifestyle and retreats. In our retreat, we serve three hearty meals each day plus snacks.

South Beach

South Beach caters to the moneyed crowd. At upscale shopping centres like Lincoln Road Mall and renowned spas (Agua Spa at the Delano is a particular favourite), residents and visitors spend boatloads for decadent experiences and comfortable clothing. Night owls shell out hundreds on drinks at dance clubs and bars. Sophisticated types observe the art deco architecture and stop by the Bass Museum of Art in the afternoons. Relaxing on the sand is truly the best “free” activity.

Need more inspiration for an amazing adventure in South Beach? Make sure to check out our South Beach Guide for more information.


Limited Space Available


The daily South Beach yoga sessions include:

  • Guided meditation sessions twice a day (dawn and dusk)
  • Meals including vegetarian options
  • FlyBoard classes
  • Free hotel transportation
  • Local city tour

A visit to South Beach can be an extra relaxing adventure. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned yogi, we want to provide you with the best experience possible. We invite you to contact us and send us your questions, comments and suggestions.   

Ready for a Life Changing Experience?

Feel free to register for this event before August 21th to receive an early bird discount. This all inclusive weekend starts at $1475 and includes shared accommodations for 3 nights, 3 healthy meals per day, and participation in all spiritual activities during your retreat.  Please enquire about private accommodation options, and about discounted rates for south beach residents.

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Oct 13-17 – Mayan Festival – Tulum, Mexico

Relax Your Body & Mind At Camp Maya

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Defined as “illusion” or “magic” in ancient Vedic literature, Māyā literally implies extraordinary power and wisdom. In later Vedic texts and modern literature dedicated to Indian traditions, Māyā connotes a “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem”. Māyā is also a spiritual concept connoting the “power or the principle that conceals the true character of spiritual reality”.

“MAYA” creates an exclusive space where visitors can enjoy music, art, lectures, mediations, yoga, shamanic journeys, excursions, effigy burns, visual performances, peace, freedom, and most of all LOVE happening all through the days and nights. This will be the first time the Mayan people have ever opened up this sacred land for a festival. To show our gratitude we are donating %7 of our profits to help build a school in there small remote village in the jungle of San Juan Dios. We also are bringing in the village merchants, food vendors, shamans, and beautiful people to allow us to meet them, learn from them, and purchase there hand crafted one of a kind arts, and delicious foods. We will be coming back year after year to help build there village structurally and economically. We aim to provide our Mayan reflections more of an opportunity to thrive.

Tulum yoga

The Mission of Maya

We are all living in the “Maya” (Illusion or Dream) everyday. Our intention is to Co-Create with the Mayan people to produce a journey into the heart of the Mayan jungle that is geared towards helping U remember, awaken, and embrace your maya. We are also creating a beacon to pull together the leaders and the like hearts of humanity. We will forge life long bonds that will blossom into partnerships that will help awaken humanity from its’ deep slumber of the Maya. We will create immersive experiences that U will learn, earn, and burn while dancing with the celebration of your awakening of the Maya.

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Brooke RosenBrooke Rosen

Brooke Rosen, RYT, LMT, BCTP, BA, is a traveling teacher of Embodiment Yoga and Stillness Meditation and practitioner of Biodynamic Cranial Touch. In her work, she aims to help people connect to presence as well as to their authentic core essence through the vehicles of awareness and residing in the neutral, in the heart, and in the unknown. The running thread in her teaching, practice, and art is the continuous realization of our inherent wholeness, freedom and ability to transmute and create our reality consciously through being in touch with what is, as it is.

Daniela SalazarDaniela Salazar

Daniela Salazar is a certified Reiki II practitioner and has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  She blends her knowledge of the human mind and behavior with intuitive wisdom, merging both spirituality and science in her healing practice.  She hosts various women circles and advocates that unconditional love and oneness is a fundamental aspect of living a fulfilled life.  As a leader, Daniela advocates for humanitarian and environmental causes, seeking to break old paradigms of thought and hold space for new creative energies arriving on Earth.  Exploring greater awareness and spirituality for over seven years now, Daniela serves to guide and support others in their awakening with integrity, honor, and love.

katie loveKatie Love

Katie Love is a 500-hour certified Jivamukti yoga teacher living in Miami, Florida. With a background in music and years of training in traditional Yoga practices, she has explored the power of healing through sound and vibration along with movement. Her teachings of Yoga are a unique blend of breath work, body movement, chanting mantra, spiritual intention, and meditation.

In addition to teaching one-on-one Yoga classes in Miami, Katie continues her studies with her teachers, David Life and Sharon Gannon. She currently travels the world and leads Yoga workshops and retreats, Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga classes, and Kirtan.

 Kevin WaltonKevin Walton

Being a spiritual guide and transformation specialist, Kevin Walton serves in powerful purpose to awaken and enhance a greater awareness of self.  Utilizing specific applications he invokes a consciousness shift within us through uncompromising truth, unconditional love, and clarity in connection.  Stepping into his role as a spiritual leader he created and established The Light Beings Community, a unifying space of oneness, healing and remembering.  It’s a haven for those becoming awakened, seeking understanding, guidance, and support, while acting as a catalyst for those prepared to live the example in fundamentally changing what it means to have the human experience.  He developed a practice known as Anamnestic Awareness Expansion which is the foundational pathway upon which The Light Beings Community was created.  Kevin provides a process for a deeper exploration into the dynamic functionality of existence and is an invaluable example of the importance in holding space as many find their way through the journey of life.  In his unceasing desire to create and express Kevin Walton also performs as an actor, director, writer, musician, poet, lyricist, motivational speaker, and mentor.

Kahill HeadKahill Head

Is the creator and founder of “Camp Maya”. He has been working on producing this experience for over 2 years and has placed every part of his being into producing this project.

Since 2011 Kahill has owned and run a Visual Perfomance company called “ILL Light”. ILL Light creates custom interactive shows and characters such as 9 foot Led light BEings, fire/sparks shows, and mermaids. His company has performed all over the world for nightclubs, private events, and major music festivals. He also builds immersive experiences inside music festivals. Such as Okeechobee Music festival where he activated a 20,000 square foot inflatable Chakra Village for 30,000 attendees.

Kahill also leads group formation meditations geared towards tapping into the Divine Core and manifesting oUr dreams into reality. He leads lectures on the power of words especially the power of “YES”! He has also created Spirit-ILL a hOMe base for like minded and hearted people to come and connect once a week. Its a chance to recharge from the grounding reality of life and to surround yourself with ILLuminated love light. Your given a judgement free space with so much loving support to give U a chance to just be and explore your truest inner self. Our Tuesday is co-created by the community where we have presenters, practitioners, yogis, DJs, musicians, visual performers, and artists of all kinds come and offer there services to the community as a gift for the peopIe that attend. We also hold a Effigy burn ceremony every week giving the famILLy the opportunity to let things go and/or let things grow. To sum it up, Its a small dose of Burning Man every week.

tulum yoga retreat



Lemurian is an artist of evolution. He receives messages from crystals, which make him acknowledge that it’s not only about the present, but about how we can leave this Earth a better place for future generations. He uses music as a tool to open minds connecting people through feeling high frequencies of love, leaving everyone feeling inspired so that they can develop and advance in any undertaking of their lives.

Lemurian is part of the new movement called “Spiritual Electronic,” which promotes a responsible music environment. His performances are held as “ceremonies” for the spiritually awakened crowd mostly under the sun always consciously setting an intention.
He uses organic sounds in his sets to make people feel grounded and never forget where we all came from.


Fisë is a collaborative project consisting of Colombian performer and DJ Sebastian Morxx, and Canadian DJ and producer Maksym. The project started beginning of 2016, and has already been announce to perform international in locations such as Mexico, Aruba, Colombia, Panama. They’ve also had the chance to perform along big name artists such as Chris Lake, Franky Rizardo, and more. With only 3 months into the project, they’ve already announced their Fisë Mini Summer tour along with an EP to be released by the time of October 2016.


Adison has spent practically ever day the past six years in a home production studio. His work varies from a multitude of genres including house, techno, ambient, dub-tech and has an eclectic source of influences. Adison has collaborated and been supported by artists such as Greg Pidcock, Marco Faraone, m.O.N.R.O.E, Adam K, Daniel Dubb, Blonde, Dantiez Saunderson, Kevin Castro & more. Although currently Adison has few releases under his belt, he holds serious promise for what is to come. In recent years Adison has been delving into the deeper and darker forms of experimental house and techno.


Alan Epps is a DJ/Producer based in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. He is currently a Resident at Miami’s premier underground dance club, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, playing several times each month with top international acts from the underground dance world. Alan has played with Behrouz, Agoria, Nic Fanciulli, Alex Niggemann, Roger Sanchez, Joe Clausell, Jay Tripwire, Clarian and many others. He plays regularly at venues all over the Miami area, and around the USA. Alan has also made several guest appearances on radio shows and podcasts. Alan expects to be touring, internationally, soon.

Alan has been connected to music since birth. As an infant – before he could walk – he held himself up by the bars of his crib, and danced to the music his parents played in the house. Alan is a natural DJ. The first time Alan ever played in public – at a friend’s birthday party – two party-goers hired him for monthly gigs.

Alan has eclectic and varied taste in music, and has played many styles. He is now focused, primarily, on underground techno and house. He is known for his deep, trippy, melodic style. Alan has recently started producing, and expects to produce a lot of music in several styles.


MANUMAT sees music as a universal language. A connection and a frequency attainable between all living beings. He is only but a messenger, connecting us to a higher state of consciousness through his musical language. With roots in Colombia, France, Spain and Portugal and USA, his sound can be described as a journey through ancient cultures blending electronic with organic sounds. New and old, fast and slow, but always groovy and fun.

Living in Miami for the better part of 15 years has only furthered his belief of multicultural connections. In doing so, he and dj/producer Lemurian founded Something Else. A place where music, art and people come together to enjoy a different kind of gathering. Where you can learn and experience new things with like minded individuals striving to find inspiration through new music, new souls and new ways of self-expression.


DJ Shaman Rohi will provide smooth dope rhythms to get down to and journey with- shamanic, tribal, tech house, burner style, melodic, awesome sonic bliss.  Accompanied by pineal gland stimulating breath sequences, this dance journey will be off the charts high vibe. Sacred Divine Moments of Truth -DMT- will be accessed through sacred geometry-based breaths, and dancing. This aural and motion systems journey will take us through a portal into full spectrum life upgrades and deep communion.

Formerly DJ Just Honey in the jet set worldwide circuit, she has played at massive raves, warehouse parties, big clubs in Ibiza, London, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and had residencies in NYC, Chicago, LA, and Houston back in the early 2000s. Her current incarnation in music brings forth her synthesis of sacred geometry, gamma dmt breathwork, ecstatic dance, magix and energy work, medicine journeys and more. She is known for her signature life processing and full spectrum upgrading Gamma DMT Dance Journeys.


Tulum yoga 2


Limited Space Available

Want to have your own unique epic photos taken by a professional photographer during the trip at every location? We are now accepting registrations. There is only a limited amount of applications that will be accepted. Only first 10 to register will be accepted.


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